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My name is Alessandro Floris (Alexdex)
I have more than ten years of big experience in the design, implementation and redesign of websites for  international companies, with advanced development and graphics original solutions.

For years, with growing enthusiasm, I put my creativity and my skills at the service of companies and individuals in the creation or redesign of professional quality websites.


I am passionate about  the web, usability, accessibility, great design and i love working with businesses small or large.


I also worked for the creation of newsletters, banners, ecommerce, app for mobile and tablet, press animation, videos and adv in general for many international clients.


I have listed several types of customers they are associated with different types of work done. I have developed projects ranging from fashion to support ecommerce in Armani team, up for big traditional portals to Italian and international clients.



Design isn’t just a job, its something i love to do. Take a look at the design portfolio page and get in touch for an informal chat about your project.